feynlabs create Deep Learning / AI prototypes for innovators

feynlabs is founded by Ajit Jaokar based on his teaching of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Internet of Things(IoT) at the University of Oxford. Examples of current work include :–
  • Drug discovery using Deep Learning (sequence to sequence classification)
  • Reinforcement Learning for a Cloud provider
  • Use of unsupervised learning techniques for cyber security
  • Use of AI in healthcare
  • Cloud Robotics
  • Natural language processing for understanding hidden trends
  • References available on request
How are we different?
  • We typically work with SME (Small to medium Enterprises)
  • We create competitive advantage for our customers through AI
  • We are academia and research based
  • We often work on fixed price deals
  • We engage the wider community for research
The name feynlabs is inspired by the vision of Richard Feynman as a systems thinker, teacher and a humanist.